[Tweeters] 2015 Everett-Marysville CBC preliminary report

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Fri Jan 2 19:43:58 PST 2015


All the stars lined up, the winds were calm, the sun was out--and New Year's Day 2015 proved to be the right day for the Everett-Marysville CBC. We did have lots of misses (5 annuals, 2 nearly annuals, 4 others 1/2 to 1/3 of the time in recent decades) and the cold had negatively impacted some species, frozen fresh water kept Wood Ducks away. But a surprising number of rarities seem to have more than made up for them--imagine FOUR firsts for a long-running CBC. Here are the preliminary "hot" birds (some of them await details or photo):

1. BW Teal 1 hen (Biringer Farm)
2. Cinnamon Teal 3 (Steve Giles party, Everett STP)
3. TURKEY VULTURE 1 (Maxine Reid, central Tulalip Res, first for CBC)
4. N. Goshawk 1 (juv, along 12th Street SE north of Everett STP)
5. Red-shouldered Hawk 1 (as previous, "bright rufous-red" underwing linings clearly seen, tail not seen but silhouette, posture and appearance from frontal view all correct)
6. 12 shorebird sp with Jon Houghton's aforementioned AM. AVOCET on Jetty I. being the big star and a CBC first--two parties with Semi Plover were also newsworthy (Jetty I, Everett waterfront)
7. Rufous Hummingbird reported from 15 ft at feeder in east Tulalip in the Anna's hordes
8. Barn Swallow 2 over Marysville STP (Susie Schaefer party)9. W. Scrub-Jay 3 (2 Marysville, 1 n. Everett), same count as last year but feeder reports still coming in
10. 4 warbler species, surprisingly good counts of the 3 regulars, plus a photographed PALM WARBLER (CBC first) at the entrance to the Biringer Farm
11. A great finch year--apparently high counts of Evening Grosbeak, Red Crossbill and Purple Finch, plus 8 COM. REDPOLLS at Portage Creek WMA (Diann McRae, Joanie Pryor) and a photographed CASSIN'S FINCH at a Sysco Hghts feeder (have not studied photo yet but am also awaiting details on a second report of CASSIN'S at another feeder) If all this weren't enough, Rick Taylor et al found a MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE in the days prior to the CBC at Priest Pt. (Area 7). My feeder watcher nearby (with the Rufous Hummingbird) reported one also about 10 days prior, she is about 1/2 mile northwest of Priest Pt.

All told we are in the upper 130s for species, very close to our best-ever, and one territory (Area 7) and a number of feeders/properties have yet to report. Scott AtkinsonLake Stevensmail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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