[Tweeters] The Reach of Tweeters

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu Feb 26 09:06:46 PST 2015

We live in an age where the internet, digital
photography (heck digital everything) can greatly
broaden our reach. Pictures shared on Picasa and
Flickr (and elsewhere), posts on Tweeters and on
other listservs and blog sites etc travel
instantly across borders and time ones. As an
admitted "Parasitic Birder" often I find birds
that were first seen and reported by others on
EBird, Tweeters etc. This is a far cry from the
days when I started birding in the early 70's when
it was almost entirely by word of mouth, personal
experience in the field and a few "hotlines".
Each of us can weigh the pros and cons of the
"good old days" which if nothing else included far
less traffic, but there is no question that this
electronic reach can open many doors and new paths
and create new intersections. This morning I
received this link from someone in B.C. who had
seen my post about the Reifel Great Gray. She
asked me to share it with Tweeters - a story in
B.C. about a young girl in Seattle. No
borders... Enjoy

Blair Bernson

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