[Tweeters] 50 birds stolen from Carnation sanctuary

Ellen Blackstone ellen at 123imagine.net
Wed Feb 25 12:06:04 PST 2015

Hey, Tweets,

This is not about wild birds, but I'm posting it here as a sort of
"public service announcement." (Hal Opperman's term -- I made sure it
was OK to post this.)

Sometime over the weekend, 50 exotic birds were stolen from a sanctuary
near Carnation:
Here is more about the sanctuary: http://www.macawrescueandsanctuary.org/
And here's how to contact them: 425-941-7543 or e-mail:
MacawSanctuary at gmail.com if you have any info.

As Hal says, /Perhaps some of the birds escaped and will be spotted
locally. Perhaps the perpetrator will try to sell them, and the more
people out there with their eyes and ears (and social media accounts) at
the alert, the better./

I figure that a few Tweeters might have connections to the local pet
bird community and can help get the word out.

Again, if you learn anything or have any leads, please contact
425-941-7543 or e-mail: MacawSanctuary at gmail.com.


Ellen Blackstone
Wedgwood, Seattle

P.S. Please, let's not start a thread about the pet bird industry. We
all know where that will lead. Thanks.

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