[Tweeters] Three owl night, thanks to waking early

Bob rflores_2 at msn.com
Sun Feb 22 09:13:49 PST 2015

Woke at 1:00 am and decided to owl a bit. I went to a location where Randy Hill had a report of a calling western screech owl. I did not hear that or any other owl. I did though experienced a young man driving up quickly, about 2:30 am, and stooped the car about half a block from me and just sit. I had been at that spot for a while and decided to leave as I drove past the car the guy was slumped over the wheel asleep! Or passed out 2:30 am hum? I then decided to go to Ridgefield and made several stops along NW 289 and 291st Streets with no owls detected. I arrived at the corner of NW 291st and Main St near the Ridgefield NWR office. I listened for a while with no calls then decided to play a western screech owl call. To the north a Norther saw-whet owl (#136) called twice. This is an area I have had them before in the past. The owl quite calling soon after responding when two great horned owls began calling. I then went to the opposite end of Main St to a small overlook (the refuge) and sat listening i had two great horned owls calling here. I thought it was a bit early to get a barred owl but decided to go to Krieger Rd where one had been reported earlier and even with playing a song I had no luck no owls called at all. On the way to this location on Hillhurst Rd ( NW 31 St) just north of NW 221 St a barn owl was sitting on the fence along the road edge. After whiffing on the barred owl I decided to head to Green Lake, still on Krieger, and when I arrived at the parking lot where Whipple Creek crosses the road I had three great horned owls calling. I again played a barred owl song with no luck it also did not effect the great horned owls which I was concerned about but also curious what would happen. I was surprised by the result. I tried for owls close to my house on Gee Creek with a single great horned to only owl heard. It being 4:30 am I went to sleep waking just recently.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA
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