[Tweeters] Morning Grand Slam

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Fri Feb 20 07:44:06 PST 2015

My house is near but not in a forested area. Lots
of trees around can bring interesting visitors to
our feeder. This morning sitting at the breakfast
table with a welcomed cup of coffee I was treated
to what I have called a grand slam of bird
performances. At least two Varied Thrushes were
both calling and singing their ethereal whistling
calls; moments later a Pacific Wren (first time
here ever) and a Bewick's Wren were both singing
their hearts out - not more than 5 feet apart at
the same time; the Townsend's Warbler that has
been making daily appearances for some weeks now
came in early and showed off its increasingly
splendid plumage atop the feeder; and lastly the
partially leucistic Junco that has been around all
winter but not seen the last few days made a cameo
appearance, its white aberrations even more
pronounced. Chickadees, Juncos, Song Sparrows,
Towhees and Siskins were here as well, but at
least this morning were not the main act. Any
morning with any of these is a good morning- extra
so with the special foursome today.

Blair Bernson

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