[Tweeters] Swallows, etc.

wong chupaflor at igc.org
Wed Feb 18 17:04:42 PST 2015

Adding to the swallow sightings, Kendrick and I were out with Martha Taylor and Dennis Lund this past Sunday, 2/15. We saw a nice flock of Tree Swallows at the Skagit Wildlife Area. Nice to see a solid avian sign of Spring.

At Deception Pass, we got great views of several Pacific Loons and Red-throated Loons that tend to hang out in the area this time of year. Very cool.

Late in the day at Eide Rd., we caught a couple of nice Short-eared Owls actively hunting. Beauties!

Although Spring is around the corner, there are plenty of winter birds still out. Can't complain.

happy birding,
isadora wong
seattle, wa
chupaflor at igc.org

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