[Tweeters] Ravens in Seattle - how many?

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 10:58:57 PST 2015

Yesterday, I saw my first Raven in Westcrest Park in West Seattle. I
thought I heard a second one, but it is often difficult to be sure the
first one didn't move. I am guessing it is a different pair from the ones
that have been wintering in Lincoln Park for the last 4 - 5 years, then
they have left for the breeding season, but again, it can be hard to be
sure that the Westcrest Raven(s) weren't our Lincoln Park Ravens. About 14
years ago I saw my first Seattle Raven in Seward Park and heard that a pair
had been breeding on Mercer Island across the lake at that time. These are
all of the Ravens I have ever seen or heard in Seattle in about 36 years.
What other Ravens are being seen in Seattle?

-Stewart Wechsler
206 932-7225
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