[Tweeters] WOS Okanogan Trip

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue Feb 17 09:52:50 PST 2015

I expect Shep Thorp will report on this trip and
provide a list of goodies. This note in addition
to another thank you to Shep and Fanter Lane
(already sent privately) is to let Tweeterdom know
that despite extremely low snow levels, thanks to
their wonderful hard work and superb leadership
and to a great group of birders on the trip, it
was terrific and almost all of the birds you could
even hope for were found. The Okanogan is like no
other place in Washington and everyone should
visit in the winter if possible. A "local" said
this is the mildest and most snowless winter he
has experienced in 47 years. It really felt and
looked like Spring with fields that are normally
covered in snow already covered with green.
Conditions changed even while we were there. The 6
Snowy Owls found on Friday were all sitting on
snow which it was clear was melting away. With
temperatures into the 50's for the weekend, by
Monday the Owl count was down to 3 (although they
may have just been more scattered) and the snow
patches were almost gone. And for me, unlike two
recent visits, the trip was greatly enhanced by
having NO car trouble, no shredded tires and no
need to be pulled out of the snow. Still ok to
give me a hard time about those earlier mishaps,
but I am trending up. Thank you Shep and thank you
Fanter - two of the best in the game. -- Blair
Bernson Edmonds

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