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Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Mon Feb 16 16:05:53 PST 2015

A few nights ago here in North Everett, I saw a Red Fox! Driving home from the Everett waterfront at night, my wife and I spotted this seldom seen canid in our headlights, in some posh yards along the road south of Legion Park. Cool!
A life-long Washingtoonian, I've seldom seen any foxes. I saw one on Fidalgo Island years ago, three on San Juan Island one year (including a very close encounter with one in the parking lot at the Friday Harbor Marina - it had brilliantly golden eyes), and now my fifth sighting, here in Everett. These were all "Red" Foxes - in the lowlands here, these are apparently fur farm escapee's which have established themselves.
The Red Fox is native to Washington - a subspecies found in the mountains mostly. Often times it has a silver, rather than red, pelt. Sometimes found in a cross between silver and red - the "cross fox". I've never seen one of the natives, despite having spent a lot of time in the mountains. Several years ago, there was a thread on tweeters about spotting's of these mountain natives at Paradise. I worked at Paradise for several years , way back when, and despite a whole lot of field time over the area, never saw one. or heard of anybody seeing one. Sort of elusive, don't you know. Foxy.
I do find it amusing to hear summer reports from Paradise from seekers of Ptarmigan. In my two summers at Paradise, with many many days hiking all of the high trails, and going on cross country mountain traverses, I never saw a single Ptarmigan. Sometimes you just see what you see. No guarantees.
Jeff Gibsonreporting fromFoxy Everett Wa

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