[Tweeters] GBBC--where'd all my great backyard birds go?

Christina Wilsdon cwilsdon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 08:36:36 PST 2015

Huh! I couldn't wait to start reporting all the wonderful birds that have
been visiting my garden for the past few weeks...but with the appearance of
the nice weather, the little ingrates have all vanished. One day the
feeders were crawling with siskins and woodpeckers and more, and now...full
feeders hanging there with only the ol' reliable chickadees and a song
sparrow visiting (and of course the ferocious Anna's). My guess is that the
warm weather brought out bugs a-plenty, and many birds were taking
advantage of a nice protein feast...or that some have moved on to nesting
grounds...or that they have a sense of humor and are hiding in the shrubs
giggling at me with my binoculars and note pad. Anyway, just funny to have
gone from barely being able to keep pace with their appetites to forlornly
watching full feeders swaying in the breeze, bereft of birds! (In case
anyone reading this is concerned, I do keep my feeders very clean, so it
isn't that I've had a mass die-off!)
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