[Tweeters] Owls by Day report

Mike & MerryLynn m.denny at charter.net
Sun Feb 15 09:48:04 PST 2015

Hello all,
Good weather for our Valentines Day field trip - thanks so much to the 14 very enjoyable birders who joined us in our quest for owls along the Snake River in Walla Walla and Franklin counties.
Our search was successful in finding 6 N. Saw-whet Owls, 12 Long-eared Owls, 5 Barn Owls and 10 Great Horned Owls (3 of these seen after dark on way back to Hood Park). Great views of all 4 species and many photos taken!

As we were returning to Walla Walla around 7 pm a SNOWY OWL was sitting on the ground just off SR125 north of town. Very special treat to end our day!!

Other birds seen yesterday:
Red-breasted Sapsucker at Hood Park - very nice start to the day!
2 Merlins including a black morph eating a bird on Dodd rd
Snow Geese - 7500+ birds at McNary NWR way out in field -
Greater White-fronted Geese - several hundred
Great Egret - 8 at MP300 ponds
2 Golden Eagles in Diablo Canyon
6 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches " "
Clark's Grebe off Charbonneau Park
Pacific Loon off Hollebeke HMU
Brown Creeper at Fishook Park
Lesser Goldfinches - dozen or so at Lyon's Ferry Park so bright and vocal
Northern Shrike - 2 seen by a few in the group east of Kahlotus
Say's Phoebe and Canyon Wren in WWcounty across from Windust Park - singing
9 Red-tailed Hawks circling in a kettle over Windust Park in a beautiful sunset waiting to come in to roost.

Fun Day - Later, M&ML

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
Birding the beautiful Walla Walla Valley

"If you haven't birded, you haven't lived"

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