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The following photos are required to complete the Birds of Vancouver Island. Any new contact information for Ruth Sullivan?

Keith Taylor
Victoria BC

>>>> 😱 Horned Puffin winter, Red-legged Kittiwake, Sabine's Gull flying, 😱 Cackling Goose, Boreal Owl juvenile, Osprey sitting, Lesser Sand-Plover breeding, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Vaux's Swift, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Red-throated Pipit first-winter, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, 😱 Brown Thrasher, Redwing, first winter Rustic Bunting, all white McKay's Bunting.

>>>> 😱 Must be replaced, others are from Wikipedia that I would prefer to replace.

>>>> Cackling Goose: use mine

>>>> Red-legged Kittiwake: (top) Dick Daniels Carolinabirds.org

>>>> Sabine's Gull: flying Hnefill Orlygsson (written at his Flickr site)

>>>> Boreal Owl: Maik Meid Wikipedia (written no answer)

>>>> Sharp-tailed Sandpiper: Ruth Sullivan (written several times no answer)

>>>> Rough-winged Swallow: dori at merr.com (written no answer)

>>>> Brown Thrasher: Dan Pancamo (must replace)

>>>> Redwing: Omar Runolfsson (written at his Flick site)


>>>> Jon Hall http://thebumblingbearszenfolio.com (written several times no answer) pipit

>>>> James Smith keenbirder at gmail.com (written several times no answer)

>>>> Kelly Whitney ?

>>>> James Chem (Goshawk?)


>>>> When done replace credits.


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