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Hi, my name is Myrna Rucker, I live in Gig Harbor, WA. I am not a member of your group, but I obviously get your emails. I have been birding for some 30 years, not only at home but some out of state and out of country also. So I do know a bit about our birds here at home.
I originally sent this message on January 2nd, but my heading was not expectable. So I am resending . We are "snow birding" in Arizona right now.I would really appreciate any comments.
On December 27th, we were driving along the Puyallup River. I spotted a group of 6 ducks huddled on the edge in the river. They were creamy white with black on their tail. Their bodies were rectangular shaped, also their bills. One dove as we went by as any other diving duck does. We could not stop because of traffic, so my view was fleeting. I have looked in my books and could not find any diving duck that half way resembles these birds. The only color match was snow goose, but they don't dive and they are round bodied. I am going to do a computer search to see if I can find anything. But has anyone seen any ducks as described?? Or have any idea what they were??

Thanks for any info you might have. Myrna Rucker

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