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marlin greene marlin at oneearthimages.com
Thu Feb 12 12:35:18 PST 2015

The situation at Eide Road is sad for photographers, birders, and mostly for the many birds of varied species that love to stop by there.

I have a lot if background information on the property, the WDFW studies, the tension between hunters and non-violent visitors and the importance of the site to birds at my website: FriendsofEideRoad.org

It was my hope when Eide Road (Leque Island) was first designated as a target for restoration that a part of the decision making process would be the consideration of making it non-hunting. I even had the outlandish idea of repurposing it as the state's first wildlife photography reserve. I got very little support from anyone. Even Audubon would not get behind the no-hunting proposal.

I have attended all the WDFW "stakeholder" meetings over the past couple of years. The bottom line that is being presented is that there is no funding for any restoration proposal that does not involve flooding. There is federal "salmon recovery" money available for creating a flood plane. The salmon trump the birds. The hunters trump the birders.

An Audubon designated critical bird habitat will be under salt water.

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