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Folks more knowledgeable than me about Great Blue nesting biology say that the herons are somewhat nomadic. They may nest in an area for a number of years until something drives them away. It may be Bald eagle predation, reductions in food, or some other reason. The upshot is that simply protecting active rookeries, today, is insufficient as that leaves no place to move to. A site that was active and has been abandoned should continue to be maintained as they will, eventually, move back.

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I’m so glad to read Mike’s news of what appears to be the re-establishment of the Black River Heronry.
I’ve been monitoring the Kenmore heron nests since the first of February.
No heron activity yet.
On the 4th an adult Bald eagle was perched on one of the nest trees.
20+ herons were seen at nearby Log Boom Park on Feb.6th. Up from the usual 1 or 2.

The Kenmore heronry is adjacent to the park & ride lot at 73rd Ave NE and Bothell Way.

Linda Phillips
Kenmore WA

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