[Tweeters] Carnation Farm Rd. raptors

Mike Hamilton mikeham44 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 9 20:55:52 PST 2015

There were lots of raptors today at the usual locations bracketing Carnation Farm. First, at Chinook Bend, the northern pygmy-owl. I had a lone encounter with him today. No other birders at the site. I know lots of folks have taken great photos of this guy (girl?), but since KING 5 declined to acknowledge my brief appearance on their pygmy-owl video....


I decided to put some taken today on my website....


And I didn’t cause the owl grief. I saw a flock of juncos acting nervous and giving their danger call, so I guessed he was around. I soon found him in a fir tree. I was with him about ten minutes. He gave me a few glances but he was where I found him when I left. Besides him, there was a red-tail, a northern harrier, an immature eagle, and an adult Cooper’s hawk.

On the other side of Carnation Farm it was golden eagle day. Both of them were present. They were pretty active and obliging. Besides, them, there were immature bald eagles and a peregrine falcon. On Saturday I took a photo that was confirmed to be gyrfalcon but I didn’t see him today.

Mike Hamilton
Sammamish, WA
mikeham44 at comcast.net

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