[Tweeters] Eide Road LEOW's, reporting bird sightings etc..

John Raymond plutofido2012 at live.com
Mon Feb 9 18:56:05 PST 2015

Unfortunately, I agree with many on here, I do see the problem with reporting sightings of sensitive birds in smaller locations and
therefore I don't. Too many people out there- mostly with good intentions. Bad results. Hiking sites showing photo spreads of trips with dozens of comments proclaiming that they are next to swamp that area too. Rockhounders spreading the word so world class areas are closed because of stream digging by the new masses there to pillage ..on and on. Name something cool in life, there are websites there to ruin it by bringing people out.
What conservationist need to do is buy big parcels of land and keep everyone away or at a safe distance, It is not for the psuedo-conservaion groups that are self-serving in the end. Nor is it good for the general public. Doe anyone else fear when he Snowy's return? I sure do.

There are groups out there trying to get a foothold, please support good, ethical ones or start new ones that save the animals from harassment and worse.

I strongly recommend care in posting sightings. A good find, to me, is one that I see without tipping by others, and I enjoy that for what it is. A special moment in time with nature. Not a chorus line of cameras, guns or news crews. Ick.

The wild creatures are the priority, not humans.

Good birding!

John Raymond
Brady Loop Rd

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