[Tweeters] (Clark Co) Blizzard of Snow Geese at Lowlands

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So, I thought I would through this out to you all. The fields in Skagit County, did not plant the grain as their second crop that they usually do for the geese. First time in decades to say the least. This has dispersed the normal 100,000 concentration on Fir Island. So the flocks are dispersed further South looking for food. I thought I would just give you the why's on this. You can still hit 20 or 30,000 on Fir, as there is one crop that is always maintained just for them, but you will not be seeing the high concentrations this year. It's good they are finding food South. I feel bad for them having to travel so far, but it gives the rest of you a taste of what we get for a good 6 months of the year. The Blue and Ross traditionally are in with the smaller groups up here. The first ones to arrive with the Snows. And seem to stay on the outer edges, but of course, not always and I have no idea the behavior of them this year.

Luke, glad you were able to see that many. It's a lifetime thrill when 100,000 take off at the same time. We even once heard like a sonic boom when all their wings hit at the same time.. that I will never forget as well.


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Ryan Abe and i were on the east side of the lowlands this morning admiring a flock of about 5,000 Snow Geese.Ryan had to go and I had some time to spare so I got as close as I could to the flock to try to find a Ross's when suddenly another group of about 15,000 came in from the west side. Was incredible. At one point approximately 20,000 were in the sky right above me.
Never found a blasted Ross's though. Luke Hanes
Vancouver, WA (Felida)
lukeandharmony1997 at gmail.com

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