[Tweeters] (Clark Co) Blizzard of Snow Geese at Lowlands

Luke Hanes lukeandharmony1997 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 12:20:22 PST 2015

Ryan Abe and i were on the east side of the lowlands this morning admiring
a flock of about 5,000 Snow Geese.
Ryan had to go and I had some time to spare so I got as close as I could to
the flock to try to find a Ross's when suddenly another group of about
15,000 came in from the west side. Was incredible. At one point
approximately 20,000 were in the sky right above me.

Never found a blasted Ross's though.

Luke Hanes
Vancouver, WA (Felida)
lukeandharmony1997 at gmail.com
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