[Tweeters] Crescent Lake Rusty Blackbird continues

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Sun Feb 8 20:48:37 PST 2015


A couple of us did see the male Rusty Blackbird this afternoon in the
field across the large culvert from the north parking area for Crescent
Lake near Monroe, Snohomish County. The bird was in treetops and
feeding in wet areas among shrubs in the forest edge between 4 and 5.
This was in the southwest corner of these fields, almost diagonally
across from where it was reported Saturday morning. We'd waited awhile
in that area first, but my advice would be walk the field edges if you
don't find the bird first. We also had a bright White-throated Sparrow
and a few Evening Grosbeaks in the same (southwest) area.

8 February, 2015,

Alan Grenon
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