[Tweeters] Eide

Dale C hartspass at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 15:34:40 PST 2015

I happened to the Eide site a couple of weeks ago and saw the mob of photographers too.  As I was watching the long eared owl a fellow got well within 30 feet of the owl and started to make noises to get the owl face on with its eyes open.  I asked him to move back, since the owl was opening its eyes, looking at him, and seemed disturbed.  After a second attempt, asking him to move back, he walked back to within 2 feet of me, told me that he had been there over 30 times, recited a list of all the birding groups he belonged to etc etc, all the while his saliva flying onto my face.  Happily, there were other people  near me and he did not hit me.  After a couple of minutes he grabbed his camera and telephoto lens and walked off.
I am not writing to proclaim how brave I was.  Rather it has become clear to me that a number of people are using postings on tweeters and e-birds as a scouting reports for photography trips.  I have withheld a couple of posts where I felt that nest sites, appearances of gyrfalcons, etc would not benefit from over exposure to people.  One only need to remember the photographer eruption around snowy owls at boundary bay a few years back. 

Until we can more securely share information, it may not hurt to wait to report an observation until the birds have gone.

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