[Tweeters] LEO Eide

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Fri Feb 6 20:47:27 PST 2015

Just an FYI. So many photographers are encroaching on the LEO, that the WDFW is considering closing it. You must at all times stay a minimum of 30 feet from the Owl. There is to be no chasing, taunting, breaking down enviro for better photo opts, flash photography or baiting. I have seen all of this listed but the baiting. It has NOT helped that KING 5 did a report saying how they were 6 feet from the Owl and giving directions for everyone to come see this. PLEASE, do not hesitate if you see ANYONE breaking these rules to call them on it, or feel free to call 911 as a non-emergency. Fish and Wildlife and those designated to police the area, are standing by to assist. This needs to stop before it's closed all together. It will not matter to those policing the site or WDFW what your intent or background is. This behavior will not be tolerated. The Chinook Bend area is another area they are monitoring. Lets keep the owls relaxed and asleep during the day, so maybe they will continue to call this area their home, or at least come back to visit. I for one, have been going to Eide for many years and would be sad to see it closed due to a few people.

Thank you,

Feel free to write me with any questions regarding this. Signs will be posted at parkinglot or trail entrance soon.

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