[Tweeters] Leg bands on cormorants

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Fri Feb 6 15:28:01 PST 2015


I have volunteered for a citizen science project, to report to a research group at Oregon State University any sighted cormorants with visible ( and hopefully readable) leg bands. The study is a multi-agency one, tracking cormorant migration in connection with possible altered management of breeding sites on sandbars at the mouth of the Columbia River.

The plastic left leg bands are colored ( usually yellow) with large letters and numbers on them. Right leg bands are smaller light metal ones, denoting government approval for banding. The dates, species, times, and locations of sighted birds are important, as are the numbers if visible, or visible in enlarged photographs. Band codes show place and year of hatching.

So far banded birds from Tacoma and Seattle have been identified, but data from a wider area would be very helpful. Feedback will be provided.

Thank you for participating and spreading the word.

Max Warner
Tahoma Audubon Member
warnmax476 at aol.com

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