[Tweeters] Sibley Replacement Update

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Wed Feb 4 16:33:41 PST 2015

Thanks Carol, -- 4:30pm Wednesday

That phone number worked great and they also promised Friday delivery. And I
received an email already which confirms it.

Al in Tacoma
alndonna at wamail.net

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Looks like I had a very different experience with a Knopf representative
than others have had. I decided to hedge my bets. I made an advance purchase
of the book on Amazon so I just called its toll-free line to talk to an
Amazon rep. I explained the issue and he checked it out. He confirmed that
Amazon will replace my first printing copy with a second printing copy.
Amazon just asked that I print out a return label and return the first
printing after I receive the second printing, which is scheduled to arrive
Friday. The good thing about having purchased from Amazon is that the record
of my purchase is available to them since I no longer have a receipt. It was
pretty easy. For any other Amazon purchasers out there, the toll free number
is 888-280-3321. Don't even attempt this on the web site.

Carol Riddell
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