[Tweeters] Sibley Again

Jerry Blinn support at avisys.net
Wed Feb 4 16:04:40 PST 2015

My experience, as of 2:40PM Mountain Time (1:40 Pacific) Wednesday
was that they had an unexpected surge of "orders." The rep said the
announcement was not official, they were caught off-guard, but they
were taking customer information. He talked as if they were going to
replace the book, but stated that the time-frame is uncertain due to
the volume. He had me read the ISBN number. Then asked where I
bought it, apparently to suggest that I return it to the retailer. I
told him I was in the field at the time, and bought it at a store
(Hastings) in Wenatchee, 1,300 miles from my home. He accepted that.

So, the IMPRESSION is that Random House is in some kind of flux with
this issue. I would not be surprised if they ship a replacement to
me, but would also not be surprised if they backed away from an
"unofficial announcement on the Internet." Maybe they had no idea
that 100,000 birders are well connected, would get the message, and
want replacements --- they may have to do a third printing?

(I will likely be in Wenatchee in May or June --- might need to carry
the book to Hastings, if I can find the receipt.)


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