[Tweeters] Falcon vs. Raven video, another Barn Owl cam and local Barn Owl info - 2/4/15

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First of all, thanks to Rachel Lawson for posting the link and info on the Saratoga, CA Barn Owl cam. Steve Reed, Seattle, sent me another link to some Barn Owl cams that came from the Owlbox Meister, Carlos Royal, also in California, in San Marcos. Carlos had reported on the drastic reduction in numbers of Barn Owls down there, due to the severe drought conditions. Stockton's owls are doing well, as there is much water in this coastal habitat to support plant & prey populations. Here is that link:

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Also, a Magnuson Park educator/gardener/naturalist, Emily Bishton, has reported that the Barn Owl numbers at the park have actually increased
this winter, according to sightings reported by multiple people, and the owls have been seen in multiple places, including near the owl boxes that are in the park and near a favorite hunting area, Sports Meadow.

Last Tues January 27th at around 7:30pm, a male flew fairly low over the Brig building, coming from the Building 18 area (where there is a nest box that was used last year) and flying towards the east (the Sports Meadow area has always been a favorite hunting zone).


Lastly, here is a Slo Mo video from "Earth Unplugged", comparing the flight styles and anatomy of Peregrine Falcons and Ravens:



I also wish to thank Darrel Denune for sharing his thoughts, concerns, knowledge and perspective on the Eide Road scene - I hope things improve, for the birds and the observers. Caution, courtesy, caring and sharing at such special bird sites, can make a difference. Though our discussions may not solve the immediate problems at these sites, I believe they are a healthy start for future improved relations.

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