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Dear Whitney, thanks for resending this to Tweeters. I hope all of us in Tweeterdom can not only respond to this plea for help, but spread the word among all our own contacts. The more voices, the more effective we will be. - Connie, Seattle

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> Saw this in the recent newsletter:


> Last year, the Seattle Audubon Society Conservation Committee learned of a unique opportunity to address shorebird declines at the Union Bay Natural Area (UBNA) adjacent to the University of Washington campus. The UBNA is one of several sites being utilized by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to offset wetland impacts of the new State Route 520 Bridge. Unfortunately, WSDOT's mitigation plan for UBNA will likely accelerate the catastrophic decline of shorebirds there. Seattle Audubon is fighting to persuade regulators to modify the current wetland mitigation plan to help shorebirds by removing woody plants from two areas with aquatic shoreline. We believe this simple measure would restore a great deal of UBNA's former use as an important shorebird migration stopover site. To help us advocate for this cause, please sign our petition HERE <http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SeattleAudubon/bbb6a553bb/9e0e9d17d6/809d567372>. For more information, visit our webpage at http://bit.ly/1BQ3rco <http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SeattleAudubon/bbb6a553bb/9e0e9d17d6/dde5190734>.

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