[Tweeters] FW: Barry

Megan Lyden meganlyden at msn.com
Thu Dec 31 13:22:06 PST 2015

Isadora, I tried twice to email you privately but the email keeps bouncing
back. So, please excuse me for a public reply.

Thank you for letting the birding community know about Barry. I was in the
Master Birder class with him. He was always very friendly and kind; a more
experienced birder than me and always kind and helpful to me in the field
and in the class. That means a lot! I am really, really sorry to hear about
this and I am sure everyone in our Master Birder class will be affected by
this news.. If you have his wife's address, I would like to send her a
card; you could email me her address privately, if you think it appropriate.

This wasn't news I wanted to see, of course, but I really appreciate you
letting us know, so that we can think of Barry and say goodbye, each in our
own way. Thank you so much.

Megan Lyden

Bellevue, Washington

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