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Nathanael Swecker nathanael.swecker at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 11:44:43 PST 2015

This past year I have dedicated my birding time to Joint Base
Lewis-McChord. Birding the base provided me with a multitude of challenges,
but even more rewards. Navigating the complex military training grounds
was no easy task. Let's face it, most people avoid the area because they
would rather not have to deal with military police and troop movements. But
after a lot of time, research and exploration I have found that the JBLM
training areas are full of dynamic bird life and unique habitats. On top of
the great birding, I have found that gaining access to the training areas
is easy, painless, and available to almost all the public as long as you
follow the basic rules.

I have decided to launch a small website that is dedicated to birding JBLM.


Come visit the site and learn more. It includes:
1. An introduction and explanation of who I am and what I have been doing
this year.
2. How to gain access to the training areas.
3. How to follow the rules.
4. Maps of most of the training areas.

The website is pretty basic right now. I have only just started to learn
web-development on my own. Expect more to come as my developer skills
increase. Also note that I am not a representative of JBLM. I am not
military myself. I am not associated with the base in any formal capacity.
I am just a bird hobbyist.

Now I hope I can encourage all of the Washington birding community to come
out and bird JBLM along side of me. There are so many more birds to find
and more areas to explore on the base. I can't get out there every day, and
I know there are so many more birds I have yet to record.

My final bird tally for JBLM 2015 came to 180 species. Will all of you help
me add more to this list?

Nathanael Swecker
JBLM Birder
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