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Jim Danzenbaker and I headed east after lunch to see what is going on in
Skamania County. The answer was.........lots of wind. Downed branches from
stormy weather, white caps on the river, but ice-free driving on SR14.

We found Tundra and Trumpeter Swans at Franz Lake. When we got to the
Skamania Landing bridge at the east end of the loop about 2pm, the Harris's
Sparrow was seen within 10 seconds in a small tree on the southwest side of
the bridge opposite the yard with feeder. While I fumbled for my camera I
distinctly saw it stick its tongue out at me, stay on the wrong side of a
small branch, and finally drop down out of view, not to be relocated. It
will probably be there for other visitors to either admire or be frustrated
by. East of the bridge in the restoration wetland there were several
Cackling Geese with Canadas. Also nice feeder viewing on the lower
(north/lakeside) loop road heading toward the west entry off SR14 that
included a male Cassiar-race junco. Not much else of note.

Randy Hill

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Apparently, the Harris's Sparrow at Skamania Landing has been there for a
while. Les Carlson, reminded me that he had thought that he spotted one
when we were birding there together on Dec. 11. He saw it in a brush pile on
the State Park side of the one-lane bridge, but It flew almost immediately
and we were never able to relocate it and I never got a glimpse of it. John
and Lorraine Allinger have confirmed this new Skamania County species.

Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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