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Okanogan and Waterville Plateau birding is consistently good but not consistent ly the same birds.  Interesting comparison and contrast between our experience and Stefan's.  We had no Partridge near Conconully but had them on the Plateau in our unsuccessful search for a Gyrfalcon and had Sharp Tails at Scotch Creek but not at Bridgeport Hill Road where Jon Houghton did.  And we had lots of birds in Conconully including many Clark's Nutcrackers, Quail, Nuthatches and Flickers as well as a Black Backed Woodpecker, Mountain and Black Capped Chickadees, Red Crossbill and Siskins, American Goldfinches and both House and Purple Finches plus Varied Thrush and endless Steller's Jays.  We did not make it to Republic but sure did not find Pine Grosbeak's anywhere else.  No Porcupine but more than 200 deer.
Also no Snowy Owl (not found by others as well) but one Short Eared in addition to Saw Whet (which however was not at the Wasp trap tree either Sunday or Monday) and Pygmy Owls.  Fewer raptors than usual but many eagles, a dark phase and several other Red Tails and only two Rough Legs. Snow deterred us from Cameron Lake Road so could not see if the previously abundant American Tree Sparrows were still present

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On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 8:21 PM, Stefan Schlick<greenfant at hotmail.com> wrote: I posted some pictures (some good, some bad) from my scouting trip to the Waterville Plateau/Okanogan on my blog at https://birdmeister.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/christmas-in-the-okanogan-2015/. Enjoy!
I should also mention that yesterday I found Gray Partridges at the intersection Conconully Rd & Silver Hill Rd, just outside of Conconully. Other than 2-3 Varied Thrushes, a Townsend's Solitaire and loads of Pine Siskins I didn't find anything of interest in town, but there are lots of berries/fruit on the trees. Just like a few others before me, I also did not find any Sharp-tailed Grouse at Scotch Creek WA.
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