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In addition to the wonderful book suggested below, you could also get The Warbler Guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle, from the Princeton Press! I received it as a gift early in 2014 and brought it to Miami with me, and I was blown away with how wonderfully informative and in-depth the book was. Warblers at every angle, undertail patterns, quick view ID guide, nocturnal flight call spectrograms... You name it! The book is only about two years old so it is very up to date. There are even a couple quizzes in the back for a little extra practice! :)

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> From the east originally, Warblers were a favorite of mine. In addition to learning their vocals, I recommend you get a copy of Peterson's Warblers of North America by Kimball Garrett and Jon Dunn. It is a wealth of information. Btw, when you have a swarm of Warblers hopping about high in the canopy as can happen in migration, the undertail pattern plates in that book can help save both your neck and your sanity. ;-) See: http://tinyurl.com/pl8ye8o



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>> I have signed up for a birding trip to the Lake Erie area in May, and I need some suggestions for learning warblers and other birds we might encounter during migration. We will have a guide to help us, but I'd love to know any resources you have used to learn those eastern warblers. I've got bird lists from the refuges in the area and printed out the Quick Finder from Princeton's www.TheWarberGuide.com. Any other sources I need to check?


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