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>From the east originally, Warblers were a favorite of mine. In addition

to learning their vocals, I recommend you get a copy of Peterson's Warblers
of North America by Kimball Garrett and Jon Dunn. It is a wealth of
information. Btw, when you have a swarm of Warblers hopping about high in
the canopy as can happen in migration, the undertail pattern plates in that
book can help save both your neck and your sanity. ;-) See:

Lori Markoff
Eugene, OR
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On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 12:20 PM, Tom and Carol Stoner <tcstonefam at gmail.com

> wrote:

> Hi Tweets,


> I have signed up for a birding trip to the Lake Erie area in May, and I

> need some suggestions for learning warblers and other birds we might

> encounter during migration. We will have a guide to help us, but I'd love

> to know any resources you have used to learn those eastern warblers. I've

> got bird lists from the refuges in the area and printed out the Quick

> Finder from Princeton's www.TheWarberGuide.com. Any other sources I need

> to check?


> Thanks--

> Carol Stoner

> West Seattle

> tcstonefamatgmail dotcom


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