[Tweeters] Seattle Redpolls

Jeffrey Bryant jbryant_68 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 27 13:32:15 PST 2015

Went back around 1 PM today in hopes of refinding and picking through the redpoll flock we found on the CBC yesterday for a Hoary.  Never satisfied, I suppose.  Pleasantly surprised to find the flock in the same front yard on Lucile St. at 26th Ave. S, in one of very few birches that is still hanging on to seeds this late.  Even more pleasantly surprised to find quite a few more than the 13 we counted yesterday.  I counted the flock 3 times, coming up with three different numbers--they don't like to stand still!  Low count was 22, high was 25.  A couple were temptingly pale, with relatively fine streaking, but none could definitely be labeled Hoary Redpoll.If anyone else gets a confident count, PLEASE submit it to Seattle Audubon, as the additional birds would add to the count week tally!
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