[Tweeters] Possible Black Phoebe in Kent

Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 27 10:24:34 PST 2015

Hey all!

I got a report from a new-ish birder of a bird that looked like "a large Junco", but appeared to be flycatching in the ponds on the North side of 204th x Frager Road. There is a cul de sac of sorts at the north terminus of Frager. It was reported to be on the metal structures on the northeast corner of the ponds. Always thought this would be a good spot for a Black Phoebe so I hope someone is able to follow up on it.

If it is a BLPH, do ask it to stick around, as it would be in my Christmas Bird Count area.

On the road from Renton to Yakima,
-Tim Brennan

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