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I worked the Columbia River upstream of I-5 bridge this afternoon from the
WA side. From McMenamins I saw what looked like a Red-throated Loon near
I-5 but it was quite distant. Last week there was one upstream from same
viewing location, and Sunday one on the CBC at Ridgefield NWR at Bachelor
Island. Had a fly-by very dark-mantled Western Gull upstream from
McManamins where port property access is restricted. At Marine Park there
was a continuing sub-adult male Surf Scoter (two seen briefly last week at
Wintler Park.) There are lots of Barrow's Goldeneyes, and lots of courting
going on now. I guess if Great Horned Owls are already nesting at Nisqually
NWR this goofy weather can be confusing, and daylight hours are getting
longer now! Wintler Park didn't produce anything new, but I could see a
gull flock on the water toward the I-205 bridge. Couldn't find the access
point from 3 years ago heading upstream off the Evergreen Highway.
Everywhere I tried was private crossings getting toward a river view. The
I-205 bridge walking/biking path is between N and S lanes. You can see high
flying birds and some upstream (east) toward a marina, but not much else at
water level (at least to the OR state line.)

Randy Hill

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Thanks to Jay and Beverly for such quick contact letting me know about this
bird. I spoke with Jay about the location last seen and walked the railroad
tracks to the area. I walked down to the river via a vacant lot and walked
30 yards up stream and spooked it accidentally. I was hoping to get a photo
I did not. The bird flew along the shoreline towards the I205 bridge. I had
seen a large group of gulls along the shore at the bridge so it could be
there. I spooked it at around 11:00 am. I parked near the Riverside Point
condos then walked the tracks from there. I205 has a walking lane so there
should be a way to get to the bird if it is there.

Thanks again to Jay and Beverly.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

> On Dec 22, 2015, at 09:22, Jay Withgott <withgott at comcast.net> wrote:


> Watching BlackLegged Kittiwake on washington side of river from broughton

beach right now. was at Wintler Park and hopscotched upriver to two docks
east of wintler ..... Now have lost the bird as i tried to type this msg.
Could someone put this on tweeters and notify bob flores, who i think is
dping a clark co big year, right?


> Jay Withgott

> Portland


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