[Tweeters] Snohomish Valley snow geese question

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I checked the National Audubon CBC database for Snow Geese. It has data
going back to 1974. 1974 through 1987 Snow Geese were present each year and
averaged 4916 per year over the 14 years. 1993 - 2006 they were only seen
in 4 years with a high count of 3. 2007-2014 they are present again but
only average 826 per year over the 8 year period.


Rick Taylor

Everett, WA

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Rob, and Tweeters

Having lived in Everett since 1987, and being a reasonably perceptive
naturalist, I first noted Snow Geese over Everett in January 2009, flying
over the Anchor Pub. It was a bit of a surprise to me- I'd only seen them in
the Skagit before. I've noted them flying over town every year since.

The great thing about Snow Geese, I.D.- wise, is that they are very loud -
easily perceived even by men with some hearing loss, such as myself - and I
frequently hear them flying over in dark cloudy conditions, invisible to the

So 1/2009 is my earliest noted date. I have posted numerous times about what
I call "commuter geese" - Snow Geese that, presumably are coming down from
the Skagit in the early am, and back north in the evening. As I understand
it, the geese "roost" out on the water at night, to avoid predators. My
question is, do any of these Snohomish Valley geese (and I've seen flocks of
several thousand, especially on the turf farms along Marsh Road) spend the
night down in the Snohomish anywhere, or do they all do a daily commute?
Maybe a Tweeter would know.

As for me, I've been moving out of Everett into new digs in Port Townsend
and on every moving trip to Everett this past month I've heard and seen Snow
Geese flying over the ol' north Everett homestead. Port Townsend has it's
charms, but it ain't go no Snow Geese.

Jeff Gibson

Port Townsend Wa


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Subject: [Tweeters] Snohomish Valley snow geese question

Does anybody know about how long the flock of snow geese have been wintering
in the Snohomish Valley area? The flock has grown over the years but I am
curious about what year it started.

Rob Sandelin

Snohomish County

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