[Tweeters] Interesting Sandpiper on Lewiston-Clakston CBC

Keith Carlson kec201814 at cableone.net
Mon Dec 21 06:55:09 PST 2015

Yesterday, on the Lewiston-Clarkston CBC, Jerry Cebula and David Koehler had an interesting and out of season shorebird.
The bird was in a small ditch just off the Lewiston Levee toward Clearwater Paper on the Clearwater River.
Note the two tone bill, yellow legs, streaking on  breast and eye ring ?
Initial guess is a very late Pectoral Sandpiper in Winter, non-breeding plumage.
The eye ring raises the possibility of a very late and out of area Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.
All comments and guesses are welcome.
On behalf of Jerry Cebula;
Keith E. Carlson

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