[Tweeters] Exciting Boat Trip Opportunity around Protection Island to Find Yellow Billed Loons, Ancient Murrelets and MUCH More - December 31st

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 20 19:12:46 PST 2015

As part of the Sequim Christmas Count, a sailboat has beenused to explore the bird rich waters around Protection Island.  This was reported on Tweeters by Bruce LaBar earlier.  Highlights the past two years have included manyYELLOW BILLED LOONS and hundreds of ANCIENT MURRELETS.  This year the boat also had multiple FORKTAILED and LEACH’S STORM PETRELS and 2 NORTHERN FULMARS.  It appears to be an extraordinary year andwho knows what else could turn up.A group of us has made preliminary arrangements for a boattrip to try to duplicate this experience and especially to provide great viewsand photographic opportunities for the YELLOW BILLED LOONS and ANCIENTMURRELETS but also to thoroughly search for other great birds – expected or unexpected.  The boat (not a sailboat) can comfortablyaccommodate up to 20 birders.  It isoperated by  Venture Charters  (see their site http://seattlefishingcharters.com/)an experienced operation with multiple boats which has taken birders out before.  Tentative plans are to leave from the JohnWayne Marina in Sequim at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday December 31.  Expected return time would be 3:00 p.m.providing ample time to visit a number of spots and to search thoroughly.I currently have commitments from 8 to 10 birders so thereis room for another 10 to 12 and possibly more if there are cancellations.  The price will be determined by the finalnumber of participants but will be somewhere between $90 and $120 each assumingat least 15 people.Just as with Westport Pelagic trips, the departure will be weatherdependent but this is a generally good area – certainly much calmer than theWestport trips for those of you with motion sickness concerns.   We would know if it is a go or no go the daybefore.If this trip is of interest to you, please contact me viaemail birder4184 at yahoo.com.  Participation will be on a first come firstserved basis.  It is not yet determinedbut most likely you will need to get either to me or to Captain Randy areservation payment of the $120 each with refunds back to you if we get morethan 15 participants.  Contact me fordetails on how to make the payments or questions on the trip.All aboard….   BlairBernson

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