[Tweeters] Peregrine picking up a stick

T Varela tvarela at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 20 15:32:10 PST 2015

Thanks for the response Bud. Wish I would have gotten the shot of the falcon picking up the stick but just missed that scene and unfortunately only got the perch image.

It definitely got my attention and that of a refuge volunteer when we saw the behavior.

On a different topic, I noticed that the Island Girl blog migration posts stopped after she landed in a precariously dangerous location in Central or S. America. Does the Falcon research group plan to continue those daily or mostly daily posts on the Northerly Spring migration 2016 (assuming the transmitter is still active)? I really missed the updates but completely understand why they stopped at that location.

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> On Dec 20, 2015, at 12:00 PM, tweeters-request at mailman1.u.washington.edu wrote:


> Hi Tony,


> I have been looking at peregrines for a long time and I have never seen a

> wild adult pick up a stick as you describe.


> Called several of my very experienced peregrine colleagues and they haven't

> either.


> I could see young fledglings doing something like that as they play and get

> to know the world around them.


> But for an adult, this is really unusual. And I have absolutely no idea why

> it would do that.


> Thanks for the unique observation.


> I would guess that you are one of a very few people on earth that have ever

> witnessed this behavior.


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