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Eric Heisey magicman32 at rocketmail.com
Sun Dec 20 12:20:21 PST 2015

Hey all,
Yesterday, 17 observers met bright and early at the Branding Iron in Toppenish and proceeded to go on a day long count. Everyone had problems with thick fog and snowy/icy conditions, making counting bird difficult. While individual route totals were pretty low (the highest route total was 51 species), we still had a pretty decent total for the count, with 85 total species seen. I have not yet had a chance to compile total numbers, so I do not have a grasp on high or low counts, though I suspect duck numbers will be pretty low with the lack of open water in many places. It was a good day, and fun was had by all! Some of the highlights were:
- Two count firsts were found, an Osprey on my route (Pumphouse Rd), and two Wild Turkeys on Stan and Lori Isley's route (Dry Creek)- American Pipits were seen on Denny Grandstrand's and Kerry Turley's routes, with 6 in total- A Say's Phoebe was seen on the Zimmerman property- A Hairy Woodpecker on my route was notable for the Lower Valley- Horned Larks were seen in great number by most routes, the snow seems to have forced them down from the hills- Canyon and Rock Wrens, as well as a Hermit Thrush were seen on Stan and Lori's route- Good numbers of Lincoln's Sparrows were seen by several routes- Two Pine Siskins were seen on Debie and Ron's route
Thank you so much to all that helped! I appreciate it a great deal!
Eric Heisey

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