[Tweeters] Fun interaction - horned grebe in flight at West Point

BRAD bradliljequist at msn.com
Sun Dec 20 09:34:18 PST 2015

I was out for a birding bike ride yesterday and dropped down to West Point and enjoyed a bit of birding on the north beach. I noticed a California Sea Lion heading out toward the point. A little later a bird in flight that I didn't recognize - my first reaction was one of the emaciated Murres, but it clearly wasn't flying well and just looked VERY awkward. After a short strange flight, it landed, and lo and behold, it was a horned grebe! I realized the sea lion was right behind it when it popped up again. The grebe launched into the air once again and I was again treated to a first ever view of horned grebe flight. Fun! Poor little guy couldn't use his normal refuge.

Brad Liljequist

Phinney Ridge

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