[Tweeters] Bald Eagle... :D

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Sat Dec 19 21:41:08 PST 2015

Hi there,

Just wanted you to enjoy and be on the look out for a Leucistic Bald Eagle on Fir Island. Here is a link to the one I took photos of exactly 2 years ago. Last year I looked for him, and nothing. I had guessed it at being a 6 month old when I first saw it.. and by the looks of the tail of the one I saw yesterday, he looked to be 2.5.. so I'm guessing the same bird. This is only a guess, as being so luecsitic, it's pretty hard to guess the age.

Here is a link from 2 years ago: http://www.sammyclickit.com/Wildlife/LeukisticLuecistics/i-3HFZZFB/A
for a comparison. This bird is very hard to see, as it blends so well with it's background. We were at Hayton Refuge watching 4 or 5 Eagles way off in the distance. I couldn't understand why they were flying around with a Seagull.. and why the Seagull was so dang big.. I do have photos from this year, that I will be adding to this link here in the next few days if you want to check back. Meanwhile.. we can celebrate that it is still alive. Another birder happened on the scene yesterday and asked me what it was out there.. and when I told her, she was so happy, as that was her first thought when she saw it fly by.. but couldn't figure it out for sure.. it was so unexpected.

Also, at the beginning of the gallery, there is the Fully Luecistic Brewers Blackbird. This bird hung around from Winter, to all Summer in the same area. Sadly, The farmer last saw him with pretty rugged feathers. As you are probably aware of, white feathers are much more likely to break as they are brittle. He has not seen, nor have I, this Blackbird since late Summer. I will continue to look for him in the next few years.. as with the Eagle, I may be surprised.


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