[Tweeters] Birder's Dashboard for Washington counties

Randy Robinson rwr.personal at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 12:14:23 PST 2015

I wanted to let the Tweeters community know that I've completed a new
version of the Birder's Dashboard that allows you to search for recent
eBird sightings within Washington State by county. This should be of
interest to those who bird by county.

You can still also continue to see sightings for the state as a whole.

This version is available on the new WOS website: wos.org. On the top,
green menu bar click on "Birder's Dashboard." This will take you to a page
where you will click once again to be taken to the Washington Dashboard.
Alternatively, you can go directly to birdingwashington.info/dashboard/wa/.

We hope in the future you won't have to make that second click and can use
the Dashboard directly on the WOS website, but we have some technical
issues to solve to achieve that.

The Birder's Dashboard for the US and Canada continues in its usual
location: birdingwashington.info/dashboard/.

These dashboards provide several ways of searching for recent eBird
sightings. You can see notable sightings, sightings at hotspots, search for
sightings of a particular species, or click anywhere on the map to see
sightings near that spot. This is all integrated into a single webpage.

These two websites are non-commercial and free for anybody to use with no
advertising, registration or data tracking.

As always, I am interested to know of any problems you may have using the
dashboard. I am also very interested in any suggestions you might have to
improve the sites.

Randy Robinson
Seattle, WA
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