[Tweeters] Mt. Bluebirds-Northern Shrike-Taboo Creek Preserve-Jeff. Co.

cgluckman at aol.com cgluckman at aol.com
Wed Dec 16 13:11:04 PST 2015

While waiting for a Northern Shrike to return to the Tarboo Creek Preserve for its picture (having been seen an hour earlier), a flock (7-8) of Western Bluebirds passed through feeding in the grass. Strange time of year for them to still be around. The Shrike has been seen in the Preserve for the last week or so and is the first sighting in this area though others have been seen on the Peninsula each winter particularly in the Sequim area.The Preserve is owned by the Northwest Watershed Institute and is located about 20 miles south of Port Townsend.

David Gluckman
Pt. Townsend, WA

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