[Tweeters] Yellow-throated Warbler Photos form 12/15

Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Wed Dec 16 11:24:35 PST 2015

Yesterday Sarah, Jordan and I (Team Raven Loonatics) had success in seeing
and observing the extremely rare to WA, Yellow-throated Warbler that is
being seen in Longview. Part of the time we observed the bird, it was with a
group of Brown Creepers. Interestingly its foraging behavior seemed more
similar to our creepers than our regular WA warblers. It would often fly to
the very bottom of a large diameter tree truck and then creep up the tree,
sometimes spiraling around looking for bugs. When it got up quite a ways on
the tree it would generally fly back down to the base of the trunk of the
same tree or another nearby tree and repeat.

This foraging behavior created some good photo opportunities. Here are 5
that I thought turned out pretty well.


Good birding

Doug Schurman


p.s. I had some photos that came out very well in late November of
Short-eared Owls and other from Eide Rd (Stanwood) and some of the regulars
at Juanita Bay. Here's is a link to several of those photos:


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