[Tweeters] Cowlitz and Clark County Questions

Christopher Clark cjbirdmanclark at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 08:05:07 PST 2015

Hello tweets,

I was thinking of heading down to southern WA tomorrow in hopes of seeing
the Yellow-throated Warbler reported yesterday, but I would also like to
check out a couple other locations, and I just had some questions regarding
the area.

What is the Woodland Bottoms in Cowlitz county like? Are there roads you
can drive on? Are there trails? Do I need my Discovery Pass? I'm
particularly hoping to see Sandhill Cranes and maybe Rough-legged Hawk too.

I'd also travel down to Ridgefield NWR if possible. But, which unit do I go
to to pay? Also, how do you access Post Office Lake?

I know this is kinda last minute, but any info I could get would be greatly

Christopher Clark
Sumner, WA
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