[Tweeters] From the regional editor: tomorrow it begins...

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Mon Dec 14 07:18:56 PST 2015

The Christmas Bird Count Season officially begins tomorrow and weather
reports suggest those compilers wise enough to get things over with on
the 15th may have picked the best weather day.

Rain or showers have been predicted all week. Which brings us to the
main issue: road conditions. Much of coastal Oregon and Washington have
been impacted by flooding and road wash-outs. If you are planning on
going to a count in one of these area (and compilers are counting on you
to do so) please plan ahead. Check out:

Oregon trip check


Washington travel alerts

Local folks can help out by providing finer scale detail for secondary
road issues that might not appear on road condition websites, but will
impact counts.

The extra weekend this season provides an opportunity to do an extra
count. If you can please consider doing multiple counts. There may be
one or two counts out there that never have a problem recruiting
participants, but most count could always use 5 or 6 extra pairs of eyes.

You can access all scheduling information for Oregon and Washington at:


Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
the Accidental Tourist

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