[Tweeters] Crow behavior

Michael Brown michael at flycatcherfile.com
Fri Dec 11 14:57:56 PST 2015

I've taken down the video as I unintentionally put up the unedited
version. I will put the edited version up as soon as I can.

On 12/11/2015 1:47 PM, Michael Brown wrote:

> Just watched two crows outside the windows of my school's lunch room.

> One was squatting on the ground while the other used its bill to comb

> through its throat feathers. I don't know if it was looking for

> parasites or what, but I'd never witnessed it before. A little while

> later the behavior was repeated on the crown of the bird's head and on

> its neck. I'd be interested to know if this a well known behavior.

> Here's a link to a cell phone video. You may need to watch on a large

> screen.


> https://flic.kr/p/C37XwA


> Michael Brown

> Puyallup, WA


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