[Tweeters] Pigeon Guillemot on Lake Joy in East King County

Crockett/Gibbins binary_star85 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 9 20:35:31 PST 2015

> I live on the SE shore of Lake Joy near Carnation. This morning at around 11 AM, I noticed an unusual bird on the lake. From my window, I took a few shabby shots through my scope with my iPhone and decided it looked like a PIGU in nonbreeding plumage. This seemed pretty strange, so I sent the photos to Carl Haynie for confirmation. He thought we should consider murrelet sp. as another possibility. I then walked down to the shoreline with my Canon SX-50 and got a few more shots (still distant, but a little better) to send to him.


> We ultimately decided on PIGU due to the pattern on the flanks and dark underwing, despite the shortish-appearing neck. He recommended further confirmation, so I sent it to Sharon Aagard and then to Matt Bartels, who confirmed PIGU. He recommended sending the info to Ryan Merrill for N. American Birds seasonal report of notable sightings, which I did.


> The bird was still here at dusk, so I'm hoping to see it again tomorrow. Pretty exciting "yard bird" number 98!


> I'll enter the sighting and a couple of photos in eBird as well. Thanks to Carl, Sharon, and Matt for helping with the confirmation!


> Paula Crockett

> Lake Joy

> Carnation, WA

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